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Every type of car insurance is easy with my auto insurance quotes. With our complete car insurance policy we not only protect your car but also from inside to outside accessories of your car to small spot or damage to big accident, we will take care of it .

  • Damage to your car!!
  • Other person gets injured!!
  • No License
  • Car Windscreen insurance!!!
  • Personal accident coverage!!

Damage to your car!!

If your car gets damaged in an accident or gets stolen or catches fire we will get back your car on road. We will pay the value of your car anyhow if its lose its 50% of your value on the other if your car is less than a year old it may replace your car from that old damaged one.

Other person gets injured!!

If accident happens because of other driver or by you and the other person gets injured they might claim against you, but you no need to worry about this we will surely take care of this and including all your legal expenses.

No License

We got something better for you like you can bring your no claim discount from your previous insurer to us we will follow that discount accordingly on your policy. Suppose you don’t make any claim for a year then we will surely offer you a good discount. On the other hand if you pay claim then no need to worry on your discount part we will just reduce it by like 2 years for each claim you make.

Car Windscreen insurance!!!

Windscreen broke down, rear view mirror or your sunroof we will get your auto glass repair or if the condition is replaceable it will be replaced immediately. On the other hand if the body of car also gets damaged it will also be taken care off.

Personal accident coverage!!

Personal accident insurance will never replace life insurance, but it’s an extra safety measure which is provided by us, no matter who was driving we will provide you the maximum coverage which will be required according to the situation but one thing you should keep in mind is we never provide the coverage on some grounds like if the driver was drunk or he or she wasn’t wearing seat belt we can’t provide the coverage in such case or if the driver deliberately injures the driver.


Adam Brown

Superb speedy service. They covered all the information and I will surely recommend others in the future. Thank-you.


Quick service from staff. Polite and patience in communications. Good guidance. As a senior citizen what else I require. My small settlement was cleared hassle free. I wish to continue with sureautoinsure.com


Good site. It makes the process of researching for an insurance product and other information very seamless. The process of buying a policy and registering a claim is also very good and simple

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